Using Drones for Forestry Applications

Free to Grow Surveys


TimberDrone uses state of the art drones flying at low elevation with high resolution cameras capable of producing resolutions under 1".

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Harvest Unit Depletions

drone forestry depletion orthophoto

TimberDrone creates timely ortho-corrected imagery that can be used in your GIS to update harvest unit boundaries.

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Stockpile Reports


TimberDrone allows foresters to  calculate stockpile dimensions and volumes by using drone imagery to create 3D models.

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3D Modeling

drone forestry 3D modeling

 TimberDrone collects images from multiple angles and uses specialized image processing software to create orthophotos and 3D models.

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Silviculture Treatment

drone forestry orthophoto

TimberDrone produces high resolution georeferenced orthophotos that can be viewed in ArcGIS or Google Earth for use in evaluating silvicultural treatments.

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drone forestry

TimberDrone will deliver up to 4K video quality flown at very low elevations with our drones to capture amazing video for use in evaluating plantations of any age.

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Autonomous Tree Counting

 TimberDrone uses a cloud-based service to count the trees across an entire stand autonomously.  A point shapefile is generated which can be used to generate custom reports.  This is ideal for 5th year surveys as well as post PCT audits.