Why Video?

When flown at very low elevations the drone can produce phenomenal video quality.  The camera is generally tilted forward somewhat to give a vertical perspective you don't get with nadir photography.  It is like flying over the stand just a few feet off the ground!  It is easy to see areas that are understocked or suffering from brush competition.  It beats standing on a landing with binoculars or wandering around a brushy regen stand.  Instead of a bunch of notes scribbled in a notebook the forester has a permanant record to watch multiple times and share with others.  If areas of special concern are identified they can visit them in the field and focus their time on the areas that really need looking into instead of wasting time driving around looking at areas that are fine.

Screenshot of video with GPS data inset

Screenshot of video with GPS data inset

5th Year Survey

Low elevation high resolution video flyover of 5th year plantation