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What We Do

TimberDrone employs Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), GPS, and high-resolution cameras to produce custom aerial photographs and videos. This enables resource managers to make decisions based on the most detailed and current aerial imagery available.  

Benefits of TimberDrone:

  • Drone imagery shows conditions as they are now, not as they were when the satellite last flew over.
  • Images and video are much more detailed than standard aerial photos or satellite views.
  • Orthophotos can be used as a backdrop in your GIS.
  • Save time and money vs. sending personnel out into the field to do forestry observations.
  • Spend your time in the field investigating problem areas instead of driving around looking at stands that are fine.
  • Provides a permanent record of site conditions that can be shared with others.
  • Much safer to fly over the terrain than trying to walk through it.


A new way to do 5th year surveys






TimberDrone is on the cutting edge of applying drone technology to forestry operations.  

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Real Estate


TimberDrone imagery enhances all types of real estate transactions from vacant lots to homes to large land and timber transactions.

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Search and Rescue


TimberDrone is actively engaged with local government agencies to develop and deliver search and rescue capabilities.

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About Us

TimberDrone has several foresters and drone pilots on staff.  We have offices in Seaside, Oregon,  Lyle, Washington, Montesano, Washington and Lowell, Oregon and are able to travel anywhere in the Pacific Northwest to service our clients.  We are fully insured and all our pilots are Part 107 certified.  We are passionate about our work and are available to do an on-site visit at no cost to you to demonstrate our capabilities!

Meet our Staff

On-Site Consultation


Free Consultation and Demonstration

Integrating drone technology into forestry activities is a relatively new experience for most foresters.  We at TimberDrone are experts in this emerging field and are eager to share our knowledge with potential clients.  We are willing to take a trip to your office and/or onto your property at no cost to you to advise and demonstrate how drone imagery can be beneficial to your organization.  Just contact our office and let us know of your interests and concerns and we will make every attempt to answer your questions or visit your place of work!

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