Stockpile Reports

TimberDrone Advantages

Stockpile Report

-The Stockpile Report on DroneDeploy lets you create printable or sharable PDF documents of your stockpiles, including the material they are made of and the value of the amount of material within your map. 

Create Materials

 -Identify the materials that you have on site. This material may be a general type of material (for example, top soil, gravel or sand) or a very specific product type. These materials will be used to organize and summarize your stockpiles and calculate the total mass and value of your inventory. 

Select a Material for Each Stockpile

-Once you have created a material, you can reuse it over and over again to label other stockpiles at that location or at other locations. Every material you have created will appear in the materials dropdown list and you can select it when making your volume measurement. For example, since we've already created the Gravel material, it appears in the material dropdown for all volume measurements. 

View the Stockpile Report

- Volumes that have been assigned materials will appear in a new stockpile report, which summarizes the total amount and value of each type of material on site for a particular map date.  

Permanent Record

-The imagery serves as a permanent record of how the stockpile looked at the time of flight.

GIS Friendly

  • The imagery is orthorectified and capable of being used in a GIS.
  • GIS layers will line up with the imagery.

How it Works

TimberDrone uses a third party cloud based platform called DroneDeploy to process hundreds of overlapping images into an orthophoto as well as a 3D point cloud.  The DroneDeploy site has annotation tools that allow us to digitize features to gather such information as Location, Distance, Area, and Volume (see image above).  We can digitize the features and report back to you with the measurements or you can do it directly if we add you as a Client in our subscription.  Click the button below to get more information on DroneDeploy. 

Stockpile Report Video

This video highlights some of the Stockpile Report capabilities within DroneDeploy.