Harvest unit depletion

Harvest Unit Depletions

TimberDrone Advantages


  • Much faster than walking around the unit with a GPS in hand.
  • You don't have to wait for the next ortho flight to get your images.
  • Drones can fly on cloudy days.


  • Flying over the unit is safer than walking around it through the logging slash.
  • Improved safety means fewer accidents and lost work days.

Full Coverage

  • 100% of the area is covered, as oppossed to just the boundary.

Shareable Data

  • You can share the imagery with others in the office or outside the office.

Permanent Record

  • The imagery serves as a permanent record of how the unit looked after logging.

GIS Friendly

  • The imagery is orthorectified and capable of being used in a GIS.
  • All your other GIS layers will line up with the imagery.

How it Works

The process begins when you send us either ESRI shapefiles or KMLs of the units you want us to fly.  We use those to create an optimal flight plan for each unit.  The drone will fly the plan and produce hundreds of overlapping images that we upload to our cloud based processing center where the orthophotos are created.  At that point there are two options.  We can send you the orthophoto and you can use that as a layer to update your GIS, or we can digitize around the unit and send you both the orthophoto and the shapefile of the harvest unit boundary.  TimberDrone uses DroneDeploy to process and deliver content.  Click the button below to get more information on DroneDeploy.