Benefits of DroneDeploy

TimberDrone uses DroneDeploy to process, host, and deliver our drone imagery.  DroneDeploy provides a rich cloud platform to deliver drone content.  With DroneDeploy you can use the built-in tools to do the following:

  1. View the orthophoto with a satellite image backdrop.
  2. View a 3D model of the imagery.
  3. View an elevation model.
  4. View annotations such as slash pile measurements.
  5. Download the orthophoto. 

We deliver the imagery via a URL link that will open the DroneDeploy portal as shown in the image above.

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If you are a significant client (e.g. 1000+ acres) it often makes sense for us to add you as a TimberDrone Client in DroneDeploy, which will give you the ability to make your own annotations and organize multiple flights into project folders.  Contact us if you want more information on this. 

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DroneDeploy Examples

2D Map


This shows the orthophoto overlaid with the satellite image basemap.

3D Model


This shows the same unit as a 3D model.  There are tools in DroneDeploy to spin and rotate this 3D model.

Elevation Model


The same unit with a color coded elevation model.

Slash Pile Measurements


DroneDeploy can calculate slash pile measurements and volumes.